The Light customers park for FREE after 6pm

Simply discount your ticket during your visit to The Light at one of their two validation machines located by the welcome desk on the ground floor and the usher point on the first-floor cinema area. Once you return to the Belfry Car Park, run the ticket through our Car Park payment machine and there will be no charge for your parking after 6pm. Standard parking charges apply at all other times.

Parking at Belfry Shopping Centre

Driving into Redhill? The Belfry Shopping Centre’s 780-space multi-storey Car Park provides direct access to the Centre for our visitors and also offers:

  • free electric charging points
  • extra wide family and disabled parking
  • and a car valet and washing service.

Accessible from the Upper Level of the Centre and Level One of the Car Park we have Redhill ShopMobility who provide a variety of mobility equipment for use in Redhill town centre.

Opening Times

Monday – Saturday: 7am – Midnight

Sundays & Bank Holiday Mondays: 8am – Midnight

Parking Tariff

Monday – Saturday: open – 6pm

Up to 2 hours – £2.00
Up to 3 hours – £3.00
Up to 4 hours – £4.00
All day (until 6pm) £6.00
Evenings (6pm – close) £2.00

Sunday: open – 6pm

All day (until 6pm) – £2.00
Evenings (6pm – close) £2.00

Parking Ticket Options

Do you regularly visit The Belfry for shopping, work or commuting? See how you could benefit from a season ticket or VIParking Card.

Regular Shopping VIP Parking

Easily tap in and out of the Car Park barriers and receive your first hour of parking for just £1 and your evening parking completely FREE after 6pm (other normal tariffs apply). Gain access to exclusive VIP offers and discounts in the Centre! You only need to visit the pay machine to top up your VIParking card (£30 at a time).

Flexible Season Ticket

Flexible Season Tickets are a great way of saving on your parking fees if you are an irregular commuter doing occasional days in, or from, Redhill. Get 12 all-day visits for just £50, to use whenever you need to within the year. Park all day for just over £4 a visit. Easily tap in and out at the Car Park barriers and park all day for just over £4 per visit. To top up for a further 12 visits, simply visit one of the Car Park payment machines.

Monthly Season Ticket

If you work regularly in Redhill, a Monthly Season Ticket for just £80 for the whole month might be a good option for you. Park all day, every day, (including evenings and weekends) for as little as £2.58 per day. The Season ticket expires one calendar month after initial payment (up to 31 days). Easily tap in and out at the Car Park barriers, only visit the pay machine at the end of the month (up to a week before, or your next visit after) to renew and pay for your next month’s parking.

Quarterly Season Ticket

Designed for visitors regularly working in Redhill for the foreseeable future, the Quarterly Season Ticket is just £230 for three whole months of parking. So, you could park all day, every day, for as little as £2.50 per day, including evenings and weekends. The Season ticket expires three calendar months after initial payment (up to 92 days). Easily tap in and out at the Car Park barriers and only visit the pay machine at the end of the quarter (up to a week before, or your next visit after) to renew and pay for your next three months’ great value parking.

Do you work in a shop or office in the Belfry?

Select ‘staff ticket options’ on the drop-down menu below and we will be in contact to find out how we can offer you the best parking rate with ‘staff savings’.

Car washing and valeting

On Car Park Level One, just as you drive into the Car Park, The Car Wash Company offers ecologically friendly car washing and valeting from just £12.95. You can find full details and pricing here.

Open Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm, Sundays and Bank Holidays 10am – 4pm.

Please check car wash is open before making a special journey to visit.

Parking Permit Enquiry

Parking Terms & Conditions

Lost Tickets: Please press the ‘call button’ from any pay machine for help and tell us your Vehicle Registration Number.

Car Park Height Restriction: 1.97m

Parking less than 2 hours = a maximum charge of £2 (any day, any time, even if parking straddles day/night tariff).

The Light evening validated ‘FREE’ discount does not discount to nil unless entry is after 6pm.

For season tickets, a £5 cash deposit per card is taken locally at Centre Management at the outset (refundable on cancellation and return of the Card). Other discounts do not apply. Quarterly corporate invoiced Season Tickets (for BACS / cash payment) are also available.