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Redhill is now two-way!

Following the introduction of the two-way road system through Redhill, we just want to highlight to all our shoppers how much easier it makes getting to the Belfry Shopping Centre.

You no longer have to drive all round the one-way system to reach us and we’ve already heard from happy motorists about the time they’ve saved getting here from Reigate along St Matthew’s Road, which, like Queensway, London Road and Cromwell Road, can now be driven along both ways.

When you get here, use the new mini roundabout (at Santander offices) to enter our car park. As you approach the Centre, you will see our 2 huge new illuminated carparking signs to let you know you’ve arrived!

Safety bollards have been put in place on the route until March to allow drivers to get used to the changes, which means that you will only be able to turn left out of the Belfry car park until next month, after which you will be able to exit both ways into Cromwell Road

Pedestrian and cycling safety has have also been improved with new wider crossings and lots of signage to let people know to look both ways before crossing the road if you are approaching us from Cromwell Road.

Video – drive around the route:

Belfry Car Park roundabout construction (time lapse video):

Map/Summary of changes: