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Charity Update - Santa Stork Appeal

At Stripey Stork we wanted to give you an update on the Santa Stork campaign!  It was our biggest yet and we’re still receiving requests…. As of yesterday we had provided presents for 1472 children and 853 adults!

That’s an estimate of goods valuing over £45,000! It doesn’t escape us how bittersweet this message is. Every year we predict a rise in requests and sadly this has so far been the case:

Santa Stork 2017: 1040 children/438 adults
Santa Stork 2016: 767 children/370 adults
Santa Stork 2015: 487 children/295 adults
Santa Stork 2014: 146 children/56 adults

The feedback and stories that we are hearing are both heart-breaking and heart-warming and it is lovely to think how such a simple gesture can make a huge difference to a family’s Christmas.  It just wouldn’t be possible without the kindness and generosity of the local community and we’re so grateful for the support that we get from the Belfry, not just at Christmas but throughout the year; thank you.