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R&B Fringe 2020


2020 will see a mini ‘fringe’ take place between 13-20 June. A mini ‘Hay’ so to speak. It will encompass ‘arty’ events, mainly musical and writing but the world is our oyster.
It will culminate in the 2020 Reigate and Banstead Writes Awards Ceremony to be held in The Harlequin on Friday 19th and the New Music Festival run by Tim Gwynne-Jones on the 20th at Reigate Rugby Club.  Local existing events coming together under one creative umbrella.

It is hoped that a number of events will take place, hosted by local libraries, bookshops, parks, coffee shops. Lots of writers and authors have expressed interest in coming to RH. 

An exciting performance by an up and coming band will kick off the fringe festivities. Details coming soon…

If you would like to get involved, or sponsor the event please get in touch with the team at