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Christmas Drive-in at the Belfry



Throughout lockdown, Santa’s elves have been busy creating something magical and safe for us to look forward to in the run-up to Christmas. So grab your popcorn (just one of the treats included in the amazing ticket price!) and get ready to enjoy some favourite super-Christmassy movies on the big screen at the Belfry Shopping Centre!

The curtain lifts on the festive film bonanza on Wednesday 16th December and runs until Sunday 20th December. Movie screenings include Home Alone, Santa Claus: The Movie and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

The whole event will be Covid-safe as you will be required to stay in the comfort and safety of your own cars during the screenings (which means you can wrap up in your cosy onesies and slippers without anyone seeing you!). Sit back and enjoy included treats!

Tickets cost just £25 per vehicle and include a fabulous goody bag, with an incredible £10 shopping voucher to spend in any of the Centre’s stores, popcorn, a great offer from the Coffee Cup café, and a tasty McDonalds Buy 1-Get 1 Free! All for you with Love, Actually from the Belfry!

Special limited VIP front row tickets at £50 are also available, with all of the above plus delicious chocolates and non-alcoholic fizz!

All of the tickets are subsidised by the Centre to make this an affordable experience for families to enjoy in what has been a very difficult year.

The Mall Café will also be selling hot dogs and sodas from a safely operated gazebo at the Drive-In for an hour before each screening.

Toilet facilities will be available during the event, under safe and socially distanced guidelines.  


Please note the following safety information:

  • The Mall Café will be selling hot dogs and sodas from a gazebo at the Drive-In for one hour only in advance of each screening. Please maintain social distancing and wear a face covering where possible. 
  • We have a strict no-smoking or vaping policy during the film screenings.
  • Parking bays are marked with numbered cones – you must park in the bay that you are directed to by the stewards who will be wearing hi-vis jackets.
  • Your pre-sanitised headset and goody bag will be given to you by a steward on arrival. Please return this headset to a steward as you leave the Drive-In area of the car park after the film has finished.
  • If you have any issues with your headset during the screening, please place your hazard lights on to attract the attention of a steward who will be able to swap it for a spare headset.
  • We ask that you remain in your vehicle at all times. Leaving your car is only permitted if you need to use the toilet facilities. 
  • If you require the toilet during the screening, please place your hazard lights on to attract the attention of a steward. You will then be directed by a steward when it is safe to leave your car.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult when using the Centre’s toilets.
  • All toilets will be open during your visit. Toilet cleaning has been enhanced, and there are touch-free handwashing facilities, with automatic sensor taps, soap dispensers and dryers.
  • Baby changing facilities will be open and have the same enhanced facilities as our toilets. Due to social distancing, only one family may use this facility at a time, so there might be a slight wait before using.
  • If you have to leave the car to use the toilet or baby changing facilities, please wear a face covering where possible.
  • If you need to heat your car during the film screening, you can turn the engine on intermittently, but do not run it continuously. Please do not let your battery run down.
  • The Belfry cannot be held responsible for any car not being able to start and vacate the premises after the screening has finished. All reasonable assistance will be offered, but the safe removal of your vehicle is the responsibility of the driver.
  • When the film screening ends, all cars will be directed to exit one at a time. please wait until directed to leave by a steward. Please remember to return your headset to a steward before leaving.