Frequently Asked Questions . . .

Is cash being accepted at stores or will it be card payment only?

Card & contactless payments are preferred. If you only have cash then please do check with the individual store first. Our Car Parking machines accept card, contactless payments & cash as normal. 


Are all the toilets open?

Yes, our toilets are open. We have enhanced and increased the cleaning schedule of the Centre’s public toilets and there are touch-free handwashing facilities, with automatic sensor taps, soap dispensers & dryers.


Will the baby changing facilities be open?

Yes, but you may have to wait a little longer, as for social distancing we ask that only one family use the facility at a time. Like our toilets the baby changing facilities are open with enhanced and increased cleaning and touch-free handwashing with automatic sensor taps, soap dispensers & dryers. 


Are the lifts and escalators operating as usual?

The lifts and escalators are operating but with additional guidance. Only use the lift if you really need to and only one person or household group at a time. Please wait for the lift as marked and you will find hand sanitisers also located adjacent to and fixed inside every lift. 

Please stand still, facing forward on the escalators, do not walk past anyone else and do allow five steps between yourself other users, as marked. Hand sanitisers also located adjacent to every escalator.


Is Shopmobility open?

The Redhill Shopmibility team are on hand 10am-4pm Monday to Saturday for friendly support and guidance during your visit