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Wear Stripes4Stripey and help local families in need!

Wear Stripes 4 Stripey on Thursday 21st June!

We’re asking you to wear stripes – whether socks, a top, stripey trousers, or an accessory – and donate £5 to help Stripey Stork to help a family in need.

This campaign is to build up a fund that’ll enable the charity to buy brand new underwear and nightwear for their clothing packs. They receive beautiful items from their supporters but more often than not Stripey Stork need to buy new pants, socks and nightwear for the clothing packs for older children. Clean, new items for boys and girls aged 2-13 years. Having the funds to purchase new underwear, socks and nightwear enables them to complete their packs of wonderful donated clothing. These essential items make such a difference so if you can help us promote their Stripes4Stripey day you’ll be making a big impact! 

To find out more information and to donate to the cause, please go to Stripey Storks' blog: